Need guidance for a startup? Startup School is the place!

MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) is a global organization of dedicated professionals affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT) through MIT Technology Review. From the 28 chapters that it runs worldwide, MIT Enterprise Forum Pakistan (MITEFP) is one of them. The organization’s principles lie in developing the entrepreneurial and economic culture of Pakistan. They believe in making a difference through innovation and technology.

Starting a new business from starch is a difficult task, but to keep the startup thriving is another story. Studies show that while 60 percent new business ventures are able to survive in the first year, hardly 10 percent are able to sustain in the next ten years. The dedication and hard work are not enough to keep an idea going if there is lack of knowledge and lack of understanding of the proceedings of the business world.  Here is where MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) Pakistan plays its role. Their mission is improving the economic well being of the people of Pakistan through a number of programs such as workshops, training and the Startup Lahore conference. They have currently launched a Startup School which is a six week long training program. There will be two hours long classes, twice a week; Tuesdays and Thursdays. The program will take place at Arfa Software Technology Park, Lahore.

Startup School will target the deficiencies of a successful startup and help the entrepreneurs in recognizing and accomplishing them. Startups usually fail as they are unable to carry forward the idea due to hurdles of the business world. As their knowledge and experience is inadequate, they are unable to respond to consumer preferences, market demands and technological changes. For they need to understand the workings of economy. Startup School will help them comprehend by providing resources and tools that best complements their startup requirements. Through a blend of online and offline learning best suited to Pakistan-based startups, it will equip startups with the necessary tools to help them become better entrepreneurs.

The program will focus on these areas:

  • Team building
  • Communication skills
  • Business strategies
  • Marketing tools

Along with this, the trainers will share their own industry experiences which will give the young entrepreneurs first-hand knowledge of how things work in the industries. These insights will serve as an introduction in the business world.

Another benefit of this program will be inspiration to shy innovators who are afraid of coming out of the box. Startup School will act as a trigger stimulating others to take entrepreneurship as a career and counter issues such as unemployment. Startup School will offer young entrepreneurs with strategies to help navigate the startup world by industry experts who bring in their experience through a carefully curated curriculum.

1st of May, Monday, is the last date for registration for Startup School. The fee for the program is Rs. 2500. Last date for paying the fee is 5th of May, 2017, Friday.  MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) Pakistan requires only those candidates who will take the course seriously and be regular throughout the course.

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