Early Days: Adam Dawood

Adam Dawood Interview Co founder Pet People Country Head Kaymu DYL Ventures Founder   Where are you from? Has coming from a business oriented family shaped your perspectives for running startups? Has your schooling, by any chance, played a significant role in this?   I…


Early Days: Jehan Ara

I’d like to start this series of early days during my time spent at a leading blog in Pakistan focusing on tech. I wrote a bunch of stories that never made it to being published, due to my commitments running my own startup in the…


Seasoned Lawyer Demystifies “Startups As Legal Entities”

Startups and entrepreneurship are the backbone of an economy and its growth. And economic recessions are breeding grounds for entrepreneurs and startups.  When an entrepreneur enters a market to showcase their unique idea and services, it could either lead to glorious success or an abject…


The 2021 Ecom Awards Conclude to Highlight Pakistan’s best e-talent

The Inaugural Ecom Awards held by Profit Magazine have finally concluded, which aim to recognize the country’s e-commerce talent. The partners of this event were Profit, Pakistan ECommerce Consortium, and NextGen The awards ceremony was divided into 2 awards: the People’s Choice Awards, which recognized…


THIS BOOK IS ABOUT YOU takes over Lahore by storm

‘THIS BOOK IS ABOUT YOU’ TAKES OVER LAHORE BY STORM   A nation’s future can be measured by the quality of the books it reads. Last Friday, Lahore saw the first-of-its-kind launch of ‘This Book Is About YOU’ authored by Nabeel Qadeer – a coach,…

Bringing Education Revolution in Pakistan.

  “Entrepreneurs have saved entire nations from collapsing, and it is the entrepreneurs that will save our country’s future. Having spent a lifetime working with founders and dreamers, there’s a chapter in my journey that came to pass with Prof. Dr. Chaudhry Abdul Rehman, Chairman…

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