PlanX and Blackbox announce partnership!

The doors of opportunities have been wide open since PlanX inception in Pakistan. From creating multitude of opportunities for entrepreneurs in the country, PlanX is diligently working to provide chances outside Pakistan as well. On 20th June, 2017, a spectacular partnership was stuck between PlanX and Blackbox, Silicon Valley based non-profit dedicated to elevate entrepreneurs all over the world. Blackbox Connect, the flagship program of Blackbox, is a two week residential program in Silicon Valley designed to maximize entrepreneurial growth through global connections to mentors, advisors, and industry experts.

Four spots have been allocated for PlanX-nominated startups to participate in upcoming program cycles of Blackbox Connect. This will work by PlanX nominating a minimum of four and a maximum of six startups for each of the open programs offered for Summer 2017 (August 14–25) and Winter 2018 (January 22 – February 2). The proceedings will take place in Silicon Valley, a global entrepreneurial hub based in southern San Francisco Bay Area of California. PlanX will ensure that nominated startups complete the application process and meet the minimum requirements for the program as specified by Blackbox. An eligibility criterion is set for the applying startups.

At each program cycle, two startups will be chosen by Blackbox. The participating startups will have fantastic opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs from all over the world and moreover, with a world-class lineup of Silicon Valley leaders. Along with this, Blackbox alumni receive exclusive post-program support, including ongoing mentorship, alumni events, and regional in-country programs.

It is Blackbox’s believes that the core engines of economic growth are the emerging entrepreneurs are the core engine of economic growth. They aim to elevate them to reach their full potential through its immersive global programs. At the moment, Blackbox has a network of over 350 Blackboxers across more than 60 countries and six continents. 90% of Blackbox startups continue to nurture as their founders emerge as leaders in startup communities around the world. Blackbox prides in its originality. Founder and CEO Fadi Bishara discuss this point by saying,

“Our entrepreneur-first approach instills a holistic growth mindset, allows for the open exchange of knowledge across borders, and ultimately translates to greater success back home. At Blackbox we don’t just help founders play the startup game better, we help them play a better game.”

The next cycle of Blackbox Connect (its 19th cohort) will take place during 14th August till 25th August at Fact0ry in San Francisco. This time will be prestigious for startups as they will be offered the chance not to just live and learn together, which is growth in itself but to also connect with top Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders, and executives in an intimate and inspiring environment. The program concludes in the Blackbox Startup Showcase, where entrepreneurs have the chance to pitch their businesses to potential investors, strategic partners, and other Silicon Valley players.

planX and Blackbox visions correlates as they both strive towards a more innovative future. They believe that working in unison will help them create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will allow startups and entrepreneurs an opportunity to build global companies no matter regardless of their nationality. This collaboration opens the door for great possibilities for international and Pakistani startups to learn, connect, and grow together.

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