ATX+PAK takes Pakistani entrepreneurs to Austin!

ATX+PAKEntrepreneurs of Pakistan are being given a chance to make theirs marks in USA by Innovation District 92 in Pakistan and Capital Factory in Austin Texas, USA. Together, they have brought forward the program, ATX+PAK Advance.

ATX+PAK Advance is a 4 week long program being held in Austin, USA. The program will offer an increase in import and export between Austin and Pakistan, growth opportunities for businesses between the two countries and customized mentoring and individual coaching. A few selective highly competitive startups will travel to Austin and receive customized tools, resources, and connection to establish their global offices from Capital Factory, the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas, which being the number one startup state in the USA.

During the one month Austin visit, the GMAP Team, Capital Factory, City of Austin, and mentors, using their extensive network will schedule several meetings with relevant industry contacts. Companies will also be provided free consultation from local experts in the areas of law, including immigration/visas, corporate, and tax.

The Fashion Forward Initiative is designed to facilitate new commercial opportunities and creative partnerships for Textile manufacturers, fashion designers and fashion related startups in the U.S. and Pakistan. The main emphasis of this initiative is to increase import/export activity.

For the startups who wish to apply, a set of following criteria needs to be followed:

  • Have annual revenue of at least PKR 6 million or a strong user base
  • Have a relevant product or service to US customer base
  • Show supporting evidence of self-sustainability or proof of investment raised
  • Have its legal entity be at least 1 year old
  • Be an alumni of an incubator or accelerator in Pakistan. If it is not a part of any incubator or accelerator, then it should be endorsed by Innovation District 92 and Capital Factory

The phase 1 of ATX+PAK Launch had been highly successful as 72% of participants were able to raise more than 1.3 million dollars in funding. Due to phase 1, six companies in Austin and Lahore have entered into commercial partnerships all of which are now generating revenue. A ScienceCity partnership which facilitates and promotes increased commercial trade and cultural programming between Texas and Pakistan was also formulated.

To apply to this prestigious opportunity which deadlines on 18th February 2019, click on the following link for details;



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