Rectors’ Conference to bridge gap between academia and industry.

According to World Economic Forum’s Global Human Capital Report 2017, Pakistan is at the 125th spot out of 130 in a list that ranks countries on the basis of how well they perform in the education and skills development and infrastructure. The dire need for the improvement of our education system has brought forth many projects. One of such notable work took place on 28th November, 2018, when a major step was taken towards the Redesigning of Higher Education in Pakistan by Superior University in collaboration with Punjab Higher Education Commission at Pakistan’s first Rectors’ Conference held at Pearl Continental Lahore.
Rectors’ Conference aimed at bringing academia and industry on the same platform to bridge the gap between the two sectors and produce quality graduates with 21st century skills.
Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Rector Superior University, urged all the Rectors, VC’s and notable personalities from the corporate sector of Pakistan to join hands towards the betterment of Higher education of Pakistan and bringing it at par with global standards. She mentioned how Superior University is making an effort on its part towards making Pakistan an economically Superior Pakistan through education.
It is Dr. Sumaira Rehman belief that it’s high time for human potential to be activated globally. She said,

‘We not only tDr. Sumaira Rehman.jpg1each entrepreneurship but we help our students turn their dreams into reality by making them come up with innovative ideas with the help of Chaudhary Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development, turn ideas into startups with Innovation District 92, grow their startups with Scaleup Pk and raise investments at Idea Croron Ka – Pakistan’s first business reality show. I thank all of you for joining us today,’

It was star studded event which was attended by reputable personalities, not just from Pakistan but all around the country including Turkey, Australia and China. To name a few, Rectors’ Conference saw Dr. Mustafa Aydin – President EURASIAN Universities Union, Dr. Nizamuddin – Chairman PHEC, S.M. Imran – Director DIN Group of Companies, Raja Yasir Humayun Sarfaraz – Minister Punjab Higher Education, Dr. James A. Tebbe – Vice Chancellor Forman Christian College, Dr. Rukhsana David – VC Kinnaird College for Women, Murad Akhtar – CEO Tintash, Syed Ali – CEO 7 Vals and Salman Ansari –CEO SATC.Mustafa Aydin.jpg1

Dr. Sumaira drove a panel discussion on Redesigning Higher Education in Pakistan with Dr. Mustafa Aydin, Dr. Rukhsana David, S.M. Imran and Dr. James A. Tebbe. The discussion revolved around the current loop holes in the Higher Education of Pakistan and how we can overcome them with 21st century measures.
The conference ended with a policy dialogues on the Challenges and Opportunities of Higher Education in Pakistan convened by Mehak Jamal – Deputy Director Internationalization and Engagement The Superior Group.

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