Healthcare Entrepreneurship; Merging Medical and Business.

Its not a common concept to see the fields of medical and business merging together. Superior university however felt the need to produce more emotionally intelligent entrepreneurs who will be able to run healthcare enterprises successfully.

For their vision to come live, Superior University have introduced Health Entrepreneurship of which Chairman Superior Group, Dr. Chaudhary Abdul Rehman is the flagbearer. Healthcare entrepreneurship is a unique and constructive way to get students in a habit of recognizing, analyzing and solving problems around them.

The course has discovered 44 start-ups and transformed skillful individuals with outstanding communication and managerial skills. Students have been indoctrinated with research-driven study to invent better and viable ideas. To heighten the chances of self-employment, Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED) is a multi-faceted platform to showcase start-up ideas. Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Rector Superior University and Director CMACED has been wholeheartedly nurturing the need for an entrepreneurial mindset in the University.

Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Rector Superior University and Director CMACED

The process of this entrepreneurial journey is broken into a few important steps. It starts from idea generation which through a poster competition sees its first round of critics. The prototypes are then put up for display in front of a walking jury that further analyze their progress. The latest edition of the poster competition yielded 44 start-ups which then moved on to a series of Patent and IP workshops.

Cohorts of successful start-ups are chosen from each faculty, which are then developed and prepped for the Superior Entrepreneurial Expo; the largest showcase of ideas in the country. Every year the Expo attracts an audience of 20,000+ individuals and is a day full of panel talks, policy dialogues and an industry led panel of judges to screen the 200+ startups that are being showcased.

The ‘Superior Entrepreneurial Safari’ is another outstanding endeavor taken to promote experiential learning and to push students to leave their ‘comfort zones’.

Innovation District 92 is a place where ideas become reality. The incubation center helps new start-ups by providing them basic infrastructure; an office space, internet, utilities etc… to help build their businesses.

To give students that extra they need in life to become better, Health Entrepreneurship is the perfect example. , Superior University has left no stone un-turned to provide its students with possibilities to prove themselves as business and science prodigies and transforming them into ‘Super Heroes’!

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