KASB Securities’ MD gets invited for a talk at COLABS

12th September, 2019

COLABS hosted Muhammad Ali Farid Khawaja at Studio 3 at their premises in Gurumangat Road, Gulberg III, Lahore, to a dedicated audience that wanted to hear what the MD of KASB Securities had to say. He started off by elaborating on his personal journey, which took him to Georgetown University and Said Business School at the prestigious Oxford University, before being involved with the financial services industry. He then assumed the position of Managing Director of KASB securities in early 2018 and since then has worked to bolster the securities industry of Pakistan. K-Trade, a product that links your trading account to KASB (http://ktrade.pk) The three functions of KTrade include (1) the buying and selling of stocks (2) maintenance of portfolio and (3) the ability to engage in mock trading


A Q&A session was held afterwards to discuss the financial industry in greater detail. These included questions about the PSX’s massive growth over a 5 year cycle, the potential of startups to vouch for a junior market to be formed, and for the massive need to eliminate “mispricing” or simply misrepresenting valuations of companies that apply for IPO’s in the PSX


COLABS is the largest co-working space of its kind in Pakistan, boasting 27,000 square feet of usable space


You may access their website for more information here

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