PITB signs MoU with PSX in Karachi.

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) took its route to Karachi where a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board and Nadeem Naqvi, Managing Director at Pakistan Stock Exchange. The conference was held on 17th of April, 2017. The aim behind the MoU is to…


Plan9 take Pakistan’s entrepreneurs abroad!

Every other second a flash bulb goes on top of a Pakistani’s head and a creative idea is conjured. But due to lack of resources and nourishments, the idea withers and die. Plan9 is that guiding hand that lets these innovative ideas grow and thrive. Plan9 is a project of…


Urdubit brings Bitcoin to Pakistan

It is the era of digitization, where from conversations to cuisine, everything is decided and done online. The developed countries of our world have far progressed up on the ladder of cyber net. Fortunately, Pakistan is not far behind as each day is a day of innovation. One such new…

Lahore: President Humayun Mazhar,Max Babri,R.M.Nadeem,Maryam Mohiuddin,Dr,Usman Bhatty,Masarrat Misbah,Adnan Zahid,Nuria Iqbal seen in a group photo during "Tie Crazy Hero,s to the Crazy Ones" organised by Tie Lahore Chapter(The Indus Entrepreneurs) at local hotel.

TiE Crazy, a mega event held by TiE Lahore

TiE Lahore Chapter (www.lahore.tie.org) is an International, non-profit organization fostering entrepreneurship with 61 chapters in 18 different countries and 13,000 members worldwide. It was founded by Syed Baber Ali in 2002. The organization is housed in LUMs. The purpose behind this brilliant NGO is to promote entrepreneurial culture among the…


Zorays Solar now in DHA Lahore!

With the ever rising prices of oil and the insane electricity bills, Pakistan is in desperate need for alternatives to save its fossil fuels and restore the polluted environment. Renewable energy is the best answer to the dilemma this country is facing now as the energy is clean and free….

8th Digitalk Picture

Gauging the Fashion Industry in Digital World at DIGITALK.

The eighth session of DIGITALK, a monthly digital forum, was organized by TEC in Lahore at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club on the topic, “Fashion and Technology”. A panel discussion was moderated by Mr. Iftikhar Hussain, VP Business and Strategy, TEC. He welcomed all speakers of the session and…


KarloCompare.com.pk adds BankIslami under it’s wing.

At times it becomes difficult to keep two entities together  and compare them to figure out which of the one is more promising. KarloCompare makes the job easy by giving a clear market comparison for products like credit cards, personal/auto loans and travel/auto insurance. KarloCompare.com.pk is the portal through which CompareOn Pakistan…


Purple Cow Strikes Again!

Purple Cow Strikes Again!   In the field of monochrome Holsteins, entrepreneurs gathered again for the 4th edition of Purple Cow event hosted by Kickstart co-working space, The Entrepreneurs Collective, and Freshstart.pk PR, in search of the next Purple Cow. Purple Cow is an event that gives a chance to…


Plan9’s startups emerge victorious in Momentum Tech Conference

This is just the second month of 2017, and already Pakistan has seen some exceptional entrepreneurial events being conducted in several parts of the country. All of these events mutually agree to one goal; to boost the entrepreneurial culture of Pakistan by introducing startups to potential investors. Recent events like…