Get a glimpse of the future with SmartLife!

How easy is it to convert a tedious living room to an immensely cool theater? Extremely easy! SmartLife brings the future to Lahore as they opened their doors to the various esteemed members of the journalism community in Lahore. SmartLife is a home technology studio that offers customers a unique retail environment, in a number of dedicated zones housing the multi award-winning product lines including headphones, i-pod speaker systems, compact systems, stereo systems and various combinations of surround sound systems for home theatres. It also offers a fully integrated home theatre of class-leading home cinema products. Their product range boasts some outstanding brands of technology, namely; Bower and Wilkins, Audioquest, BeoPlay, McIntosh and BeyerDynamic.

BeyerDynamics Custom One Pro Plus (Rs. 27,000) 15_Series_Lifestyle_1

Along with superb quality products, SmartLife promises manufacturer’s warranty as the brands are officially represented in Pakistan. This puts the customer in a secure position in terms of protection and value for money. They also have a highly competent staff who dispense advises that are in the best interest of the customers.

A demo event was organized by CartelPR with SmartLife. Cartel PR is a subsidiary of JBnJaws Productions which specializes in Public Relations, Branding Solutions, Image Consultancy & Event PR Solutions. The event was followed by an Iftaar, during which the invited journalist began to exchange their thoughts on how developed the tech-retail infrastructure has become in Pakistan. Smart Life offers home delivery of their items as well, and provides customization for the client from conception to execution to completion.


CEO of Smart Life, Zain Ali, remarks,

“Smart Life does its best to study the life of the client to provide an optimum home solution for him”.

Smart Life aims to bring its expertise in the field of specialized home technology to the public eye, with unique offerings for homes – including automated lighting, sound, and drapery systems.

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