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A nation’s future can be measured by the quality of the books it reads. Last Friday, Lahore saw the first-of-its-kind launch of ‘This Book Is About YOU’ authored by Nabeel Qadeer – a coach, consultant, content producer and an entrepreneur. The launch, that took place at Liberty Books Packages Mall, has created ripples. From youth to the entrepreneurship, industrial and academic circles of Pakistan, the book’s launch has been the talk of the town.


This Book Is About YOU (largely referred to as YOU) is about leadership, effectiveness and reflection. The chapters are numbered from 0 to 1 signifying the journey of an individual from who they are to who they were meant to be. Split into three sections – Reflect, Focus and Execute, the chapters outline the steps a person needs to create impact.


In the words of the author himself,

“It is through the power of reflection that I have discovered my true self. Many stories of people you and I can relate to are shared in this book. Heroes have been redefined, failure has been challenged, and the missing link between who you are and who you can become has been discussed. Each page has been designed to resonate with you. You will find definitions, anecdotes, diagrams and more to communicate key concepts as simply as possible.”


Dr. Amjad Saqib, Chairperson Akhuwat and the Chief Guest at the launch, said,

“The route to changing the world is through you. We are all born to be leaders but what stops us from becoming one is our ego that shows in the lack of willingness to change. The one thing that makes this book very special is that it gives you a direction and is a guidebook on your journey towards finding that leader within. Many congratulations to Nabeel for such a huge success on the launch of his first book.”


From the guests sharing their opinions about what makes YOU unique to the author reading passages from the book and YOU Games for toddlers, the launch saw a mix of interesting activities for people of all ages. Bloggers community and students in large groups from multiple universities across Lahore (BNU, LUMS, ITU and FAST to name a few) came to be a part of the YOU launching ceremony.


The event, brilliantly hosted by Safa Nabeel, was attended by industry veterans including Faisal Sherjan (Strategic Advisor, COLABS), Usman Asif (Founder and CEO DevsInc.), Dr. Yaqoob Khan Bangash (Director Centre for Governance & Policy, ITU), Yasser Bashir (Founder & CEO, Arbisoft), Shoaib Zahid Malik (Director, Kausar Group of Companies), Ayub Ghauri (Head Nspire) and Qaiser Abbas (CEO, Possibilities).


Nabeel Qadeer, Author of This Book Is About YOU, stated,

“Most of what I learned in the initial years of my life was through my Grandfather (Dada). He was my teacher & my mentor. He made me understand what it meant to ‘read’. In his lifetime he authored many books and made them available for the masses to learn from. This book is my attempt to follow in his footsteps and spread knowledge, hope & positivity through the power of words. Penned in these 11 chapters and 300 plus pages is the crux of all that I learned in life through business, sports, relationships and faith. After 24 months of writing, rewriting, editing and proofreading – it’s finally here! A special note of gratitude to Qaiser Abbas and his team at Possibilities for making this happen in record time.”



Finally, Bilal Mumtaz, Chief Marketing Officer of, had the following to say:

Development books and literature on professional development are a dime-a-dozen abroad in more developed markets, but are seriously lacking in our own country of Pakistan. Nabeel has developed a guide for providing direction to our young population that eagerly has been awestruck by the wave of entrepreneurship in this country. An emphasis on grooming and discipline is something that has been missing from our system and this is where he goes one step further from others to bring out the best and brightest in our working age population





The book has been written for people of all ages, professions and backgrounds. One might be a student, young professional, business owner or a person looking to establish his or her brand, this book is for anyone and everyone who is willing to change.


This Book Is About YOU can be found on the bestseller shelf across leading bookstores nationwide including Readings and all branches of Liberty Books in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. The book can also be ordered online at


About the Author


Based on his experience of working with the public, private and social sectors, Nabeel Qadeer brings together the understanding of common challenges faced by students, entrepreneurs, professionals, and traditional businessmen during the process of exceeding their own expectations. Nabeel is among the pioneers of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan and is on a mission to equip the youth with the will to take responsibility of themselves and those around. By giving them the tool of self-reflection, he sets them on a path to become the best versions of themselves.

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