SimSim brings cashless transactions to Pakistan

On 22nd of May, 2017, Plan9 strikes another remarkable partnership with SimSim, an e-wallet application, to enable cashless transactions for the first time in Pakistan. SimSim has recently begun its maneuvers in Arfa Software Technology Park, Lahore. SimSim has been developed by Finja in association with Finca Bank to make cashless transactions a reality in Pakistan. Their vision is vision to empower a common man and facilitate businesses in Pakistan.

With the collaboration of Plan9, Pakistan’s pioneer tech incubator, and SimSim, startups of Pakistan have much to gain. With SimSim, startups will be able to easily tap into their customers’ buying behavior, know their preferences, needs and desires without having to deploy any expensive CRM software which will broaden their growth parameters.

SimSim have some excellent features to boast apart from seamless business tractions. They are as follows:

  • Account Management that enables its users to access their QR code, link ATM card to their wallet, change their login PIN, request account statement and link their FINCA core account to their wallets.
  • Send Money through which users can send money to anyone with a SimSim wallet for free, transfer money to anyone’s bank account using IBFT or invite any mobile number onto the SimSim platform by sending PKR 1.
  • Scan & Pay that allows its users to get anyone’s SimSim account details by scanning their unique QR code. The users can pay at Finja merchants through their QR codes as well.
  • Top Ups which tops up prepaid or post-paid mobile network account within seconds and allows people to send a top up to any mobile number in Pakistan.
  • Request Money to send a reminder to anyone on the SimSim network while also requesting the amount. The user with the request will see a notification on his phone and will simply have to confirm the amount to complete the transfer. This is the simplest way to split bills, collect rents & transfer funds.
  • Pay Bills through which the app users will be able to instantly pay utility bills from the comfort of their homes and also keep track of all paid bills in the form of a mini statement.
  • Gift Voucher that enables active mobile applications users, online movie/television show streamers and passionate console game players to buy prepaid cards from a variety of online services including iTunes, Amazon, Google Ply, Xbox, Netflix, World of Warcraft, Facebook, League of Legends, Nintendo, PlayStation, Skype, Steam, Spotify and Minecraft.

it is extremely easy to board on SimSim. The whole procedure from downloading to registration takes upto 2-3 minutes. The account number will be your cell phone number; the advantage of this being the simplification of Peer to Peer payments. all of the features can be used for absolute free of cost.


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