EDI holds Startup BootCamp, invites 4 Startup Founders

The Entrepreneurship Development Institute is responsible for uplifting the entrepreneurial community of Pakistan, primarily through the circulation of its magazine publication, Startup Magazine, and the annually held Startup Expo (Pakistan’s biggest entrepreneurial festival).

However, it was time to provide some more food for thought for the community. Many of the winners of the 2016 edition of the Startup Expo, held at the Jinnah Convention Center in April earlier this year, had applied for the inaugural event a year earlier. However, after emerging as winners in their respective categories, a new initiative was launched by EDI to recognize the entrepreneurial talent in the country by inviting 4 winners of the event in their respective categories to impart their wisdom to budding entrepreneurs in the region. What would it be called?: the Startup BootCamp Course, held last weekend from the 20th to the 21st of August.

startup-bootcamp-isloo-edi-schedule-freshstart-freshstartpkThough the Course only cost Rs. 4,500 for non residents of Islamabad, and Rs. 7,500 for residents of the city, it provided a lot of food for thought for aspiring entrepreneurs in the who wished to avail the best services possible for educating them in the right direction. A few months ago, the Entrepreneurial Development Institute held the nation’s biggest Entrepreneurial Festival, the 2016 Startup Expo, in conjunction with their very own publication, the Startup Magazine. 

Many winners emerged form as many as 10 categories at the event. Founders of two winning startups, Bilal Mumtaz (Healthcare Startup of the Year – Sehatand Shahid Rana (Service Startup of the Year – DeliveryTen), were cordially invited by the EDI to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs in Islamabad.

RiseMom founder Sihah Waris and HealthyBreath founder Ashar Ahmad were also invited.






EDI enabled the following perks for course-takers:

  •   Brainstorming Sessions
  •    Network and interact with industry mentors who will take you to a next leve
  •    Craft a business plan
  •    Craft a marketing plan
  •    Working as a team
  •    Develop product processes
  •    Raise seed funding for your startup
  •    Prepping for a ‘game-winning’ speech for a potential investor
  •    Analyze and develop business related budgets
  •    Live like an entrepreneur to achieve your goals


















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