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Ranked 2nd in Punjab and 7th in Pakistan by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, The Superior College University Campus has opened admissions. This time what sets it apart is its newly launched state-of-the-art, very simple to use digital admissions portal that has literally made admissions process paperless.

Superior’s digital admissions portal allows students to carry out all the procedures from the comfort of their home without any physical hassle and time wastage. From buying of the prospectus to filling out the admissions form and getting to know of the admissions test and interview details, students can access all information from their dashboard. All they have to do is sign up and create their account.

The key factor that allows students to bring out the best in them is the visionary leadership of the Chairman The Superior Group, Prof. Dr. Chaudhry Abdul Rehman who is an expert of converting human resource into human capital, and Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Rector Superior University, who is an adept professional instilling entrepreneurial mindset in youngsters. As every year, this time around too they welcome students to be a part of their Superior Family:



The X-factor of the university is the 360-degree entrepreneurial ecosystem that it offers that not only prepares students but provides full support at all stages of their startups starting from the very fundamentals of entrepreneurship to raising investments. Today Superior is considered to be Pakistan’s leading entrepreneurial university as it is the only university to mature the entrepreneurial cycle.


Passionate to unleash the superhero in you, Chairman The Superior Group, Prof. Dr. Chaudhary Abdul Rehman, warmly invites students to be a part of his Superior family:

“I believe in creating real superheroes and for that we at Superior, empower our students to work hard, be optimistic and live their lives to the maximum. Our entrepreneurial culture empowers them to learn the art of influencing, decision making, risk taking, opportunity seeking and becoming job creators rather than job seekers.”

At pre-incubation stage, with Chaudhary Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development, popularly known as CMACED, Superior University makes students learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship through Entrepreneurial Teaching and Training Program and dedicated mentorship from faculty trained for entrepreneurship helping them convert their innovative ideas into startups.


Once the students’ startups are ready for incubation, they are highly encouraged to compete for incubation at Superior Groups’ world-class incubator Innovation District 92 where students get to grow their idea-stage startup into a viable business with their top-notch mentorship from the industry experts in all  areas of their startup, lucrative investment opportunities, international exposure, media house, milestone-based stipend, free utilities, 24/7 workplace, legal assistance and much more.


To further nurture their infant startups to compete in the corporate world, Superior has its own accelerator ScaleUP PK that empowers students to sky-rocket their startups through rigorous mentorship from industry experts and, greater investment and networking opportunities.




Startups that perform really well at incubation stage and acceleration stage, get a golden ticket to pitch at Idea Croron Ka – Pakistan’s first startup reality show, and raise huge investments from giants of the investment industry through real-time pitching.


Dr. Sumaira Rehman – Rector Superior University, Co-founder Innovation District 92 and Director CMACED, known as the woman behind entrepreneurial revolution at The Superior Group, says:


“I believe entrepreneurship is the only way forward as it empowers you to transform your life and live your dream. To ensure that, we at Superior, offer you a unique 360-degree entrepreneurial ecosystem instilling in you the right mindset to become a change maker and build an economically Superior Pakistan. I welcome you to be a part of the Superior family where we create possibilities together for a better future.”


With over 250 campuses all around the country, Superior University has now spread its arms across the globe and is recognized by well-reputed international educational institutions. With more than hundred universities on board from around the world, the university offers students three foreign education exchange programs – Split Degree, ERASMUS+ and Mevlana Exchange Program.


Their Split Degree Program allows students to complete their degree in a foreign university of their choice without paying any extra fee for going abroad. This has great implications for students and their careers as they attain foreign degree in half the time with Superior University at their back bearing their expenses.



Moreover, through their multiple scholarship programs they offer full financial support throughout their degree-time-period with no extra pressure of maintaining a threshold GPA.


What really sets the Superior College University Campus apart from other universities is their remarkable curriculum that trains students not just for technical skills but also for soft skills such as leadership, communication, negotiation, problem solving, team work and more. They call it their Plan IQ and Plan EQ, respectively.



Through Plan IQ students develop their technical skills through an outcome-based-curriculum following learning-by-doing strategy with the help of experienced practitioners while through Plan EQ students are trained to live a meaningful & rewarding life by making them emotionally intelligent individuals through trainings and workshops that unleash their hidden strengths.

Following their experiential learning strategy, Superior University offers students in-house labs where they get to become seasoned professionals through practical implementation of the concepts they learn.


For example, mass communication and media studies students get an entire media house (that includes two TV Channels – NEO TV Network & Lahore Rang, Radio channel – BOOM FM 106.6, and a newspaper company – Daily Nai Baat) at their disposal.

For students interested in entrepreneurship they have their own incubator, accelerator and an investment raising platform while the ones pursuing their careers in medicine get an entire hospital (Chaudhary Muhammad Akram Teaching and Research Hospital) to get hands-on experience of what they study.

Furthermore, Superior University is the only university that has its very own research center by the name of Azra Naheed Center for Research and Development (ANCRD) that backs students to leave a mark in the world of research by bringing them and the international researchers together on the same platform.



The last date to apply is 17th July, 2018.

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